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juni 17, 2012

Hi all!

I just watched the Portugal – Netherlands match of Euro 2012. We’re out of the competition. Too bad! Oh well, now let’s just hope Portugal doesn’t win, haha! That would be cruel. Here are my Instagram pictures of this just ended week.

I thought why not start with today? Today was my first day at the grocery store where I will be working 4 days a week in summer. I have worked in another shop of this grocery store for three years and stopped about two years ago, because they weren’t allowed to give me another temporary contract. I’m working as a cashier and everything went well. Most of it stayed the same, so it wasn’t exactly new to me. Except they use touch screen cash registers now!

Today also was fathersday! Usually we (me, my sister and my brother) make my father breakfast in bed on fathersday, but this time he got up ridiculously early, so that didn’t happen. And I had to work until 6 pm. We usually don’t really do fathersday gifts, but at Haarlem Shopping Night last week I bumped into this original Uriah Heep record (LP). I know my father loves this band. He’s been listening to this music ever since he was a little kid. This record came out in 1971. He was 11 years old at that time. He never bought the record, because he was always running low on cash when he was younger. So I bought it for him! He’s really happy with it.

The above two pictures give a really good idea of what my view was most of last week. I’ve been working on my thesis like crazy. Need to do the final presentation on wednesday! There’s still a lot to do up until that moment…

My lovely cat Pieter lying in his box in the hallway. Look how cute he’s folding his paws! <3

And these are just two detail pictures I made of the accesories I was wearing on monday. Nothing too interesting, but I liked the way they turned out in Instagram.

Hope you enjoyed this diary post about my week!



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3 comments on “Instagram | Diary Week 24”
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    I really like your blog header picture. Those plaid shoes and red clutch are pretty!

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    Love the first Pic ,gorgeous! Amazing Rings ♡

    Wish you a great Monday xoxo

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    Hele leuke foto’s! x

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