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mei 29, 2012

Hi all!

I was just contemplating about calling this an outfit post or not. I guess it’s not. Of course I’m wearing an outfit, but it’s just one photo and it’s not a particularly interesting outfit. The reason for this is that I have been really busy studying for the exam of the last course of my bachelors, which I will be making tomorrow morning. It’s really important to pass this exam or else it will take longer before I get my bachelors title. This is also the reason I haven’t posted anything the last three days. I’ve been working on my bachelors thesis and stuying for my exam like crazy. Hopefully there will be an outfit post tomorrow! Or else the day after, I promise!

I’m wearing a red top and denim blouse by H&M, black jeans by Mango and ring from Bijou Brigitte.



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