Mijn nieuwe opleiding: Fotostyling Mode @ Akademie Vogue
January 16, 2017

Hello dears!

I’ve actually been wanting to write this post for about half a year. But somehow, I just never got to it. But I started a new studies! I already started back in September, and I actually wanted to write an update on it before I started. That somehow didn’t happen, and then I was planning on writing it in the first couple of weeks of my studies. But then I got so busy, that I just simply kept pushing it forward. And now the moment is there!

The studies I started is Photostyling Fashion at Akademie Vogue in Amsterdam. I already do a lot with fashion and photography for my blog, and this really is my passion. I already finished another studies (Econometrics & Actuarial Science), but I just didn’t really see myself doing that work. So I figured I should follow my passion, and that’s how I ended up doing this! The name Photostyling Fashion actually explains itself; it’s basically styling the clothing for fashion shoots. But there’s a lot more to it! From making up an entire concept, to bringin together a team, but also trend watching, being familiar with subcultures and clothing styles, and a lot more! In this blog post I’m going to show you a couple of things I’ve done so far. And I’m planning on doing that regularly from now on!

By the way, for my studies I now also have an assignment to maintain a blog for 6 months. So that’s pretty convenient, haha! So from now on, you can expect even more posts from me on here! I can’t wait!

Audrey Hepburn Tweeluik Photoshoot
Left photo: Alexandra Huijgens | Right Photo: me | Styling: me | Model: Rowan de Haan

The photos above are the result of an assignment for which I had to do diptych on a style icon. One photo had to be with a model, and one had to be a still life. I picked Audrey Hepburn as my style icon. The photo below was actually my favorite, but for the overall feel of the diptych the photo above fitted better. The photo below is inspired on a scene in Breakfast At Tiffany’s where Audrey is passing a store window while eating a croissant.

Audrey Hepburn Photoshoot

For ‘Drawing & Painting’ we focussed on portrait drawing during the first period. We also learned to do portraits en profil. In the drawing below I drew famous Dutch fashion chick, girl boss and YouTuber Anna Nooshin.

Anna Nooshin Drawing Tekening En Profil

The period after that, we focussed on collage techniques. For the assignment below I had to make a perspective drawing and use pieces of collage in it.


One of my assignments for Fashion Styling was to learn more about subcultures. The collage below is about the subculture of the Flapper Girls in the 1920’s.

I’m really curious to hear whether you like seeing my work for my studies more regularly! I personally really liked sharing it with you! What do you think of my work so far? :-)



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