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May 1, 2016

Hello sweeties!

So, here’s my very last Vegan Challenge food diary! Wow, time really went by so quickly! So, time for a conclusion; how hard or easy was the challenge for me? And what issues did I run into? For me, the challenge actually was pretty easy. I was already eating vegan a lot lately, so I wasn’t coming from eating cheese and drinking milk every day. I actually really liked trying out new vegan recipes, and veganizing recipes I usually make. And it all turned out pretty great. I did started getting more and more cheese cravings after the first half of the month. I was not missing cheese in any of the recipes I made, because these were all actually great. But I would just really feel like having toasts with brie or something. Luckily, I could get rid of these cravings by eating vegan Kettle chips. Other than that, there was only one issue; it’s a lot harder to go out to eat. When you pick a restaurant which offers vegan dishes beforehand, it’s obviously not a problem. But when you’re going somewhere where they don’t have this, you have to remind yourself to call them beforehand to ask whether they can make you something. Luckily, this worked out great every time, but it’s really something you have to think about.

All in all, I really liked the challenge, and I’m definitely going to make some of the recipes more often. Like I said, I was eating more and more vegan lately, anyway. And I think I will do that even more from now on. I am going to eat cheese again, but I do always buy vegetarian curdled and organic cheese. For the rest, I think I will be eating vegan. I’m perfectly happy with using plant based milk instead of cow milk, and vegan yoghurt, vegan butter, or coconut oil. And I never really liked eggs anyway, haha!

I hope you liked reading these food diaries! Would you like me to do a food diary every once and while (like every two months or so), of my regular eating pattern? I would love to hear! And do you also eat vegan sometimes? :-)

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Food Diary

Day 24 – Sunday

On Sunday, I made two naan breads for breakfast and covered them with homemade vegan tzatziki, yellow bell pepper, and olives. So good! And also very filling! So, for lunch, I only had a couple of rosemary/seasalt crackers, a banana and a kiwi. That afternoon, me and my boyfriend went to take outfit photos. That night, I made the same potato/veggie oven dish as I made in week 1 of the Vegan Challenge. Later that night, me and my boyfriend watched a movie, and ate a bag of balsamic vinegar crisps. Those are so good!

Breakfast: homemade naan bread with vegan tzatziki, yellow bell pepper, tomato, and green and black olives (recipe here)
Lunch: rosemary/seasalt crackers, a banana, and a kiwi
Dinner: oven dish with potatoes, bell pepper, tomatoes, zucchini, red onion, and rosemary
Snack: balsamic vinegar crisps

Vegan Challenge food diary vegan naan bread pizza

Vegan Challenge food diary potato and veggie oven dish

Day 25 – Monday

On Monday, I enjoyed the last bits of Sunday’s oven dish. We had some leftovers, but it was not enough for a leftover dinner, so I just ate it for lunch. Also, I had tzatziki left over from Sunday’s breakfast. So on Monday, I made pita bread stuffed with vegan shawarma, carrot and cucumber for dinner, and used the tzatziki as the sauce. It was really good, but next time I’ll get two trays of vegan shawarma.

Breakfast: 1 slice of bananabread, 1 sandwich with peanutbutter
Lunch: leftovers of yesterdays oven dish, and rosemary/seasalt crackers with hummus
Snack: 2 kiwi’s, and olives
Dinner: pita bread with vegan shawarma, carrot, cucumber, and vegan tzatziki

Vegan Challenge  food diary vegan shawarma

Day 26 – Tuesday

On Tuesday morning, I really felt like having a smoothie. A while back, I used to make a lot of smoothies. But at some point, I sort of got tired of the banana in it. So this time, I decided to make one without banana, and added soy yoghurt to make it more thick and filling. So good! My lunch was a lot less healthy, because I suddenly got huge cravigns for sandwiches with peanutbutter and chocolate paste. Both on one sandwich that is, haha! This honestly is so good, and every once and a while I get these huge cravings for them. And then I just eat three in a row, haha! Later that afternoon, I decided to give myeself a more healthy feeling by eating two kiwi’s. For dinner, I made pasta with eggplant-tomatosauce and basil, a recipe from a Dutch vegan blog. It was so good! Definitely making it again!

Breakfast: smoothie made of raspberries, orange juice, and soy yoghurt
Lunch: 3 sandwiched with peanutbutter and chocolate paste
Snack: 2 kiwi’s
Dinner: pasta with eggplant-tomato sauce, and basil (recipe here)

Vegan Challenge food diary smoothie soy yoghurt

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek pasta aubergine tomatensaus basilicum

Day 27 – Wednesday

On Wednesday, it was Kingsday in the Netherlands, so it was a weekend-like day. As I always make a special breakfast for me and my boyfriend on the weekends, I also did this on wednesday. I had two pita breads left over from Monday’s vegan shawarma. I stuffed these with a chickpea salad/mix kind of thing by ‘The Green Girls’. Very yummy! My byfriend also really liked it, but he felt like it wasn’t really breakfast, but more like lunch. Fact was that we were eating it at 12:30, so technically it was lunch ;-) Hahah! Anyway, because the sandwich was so filling, I didn’t really have lunch after that. I did eat two slices of bananabread, and a whole lot of dark chocolate. For dinner, I made a chicory oven dish. Usually, I make this with cheese sauce, so I looked up a recipe for a vegan version. Instead of cheese, I added noble yeast flakes. It turned out pretty great! :-)

Breakfast: pita bread stuffed with a chickpea mix (recipe here)
Lunch: 2 slices of bananabread
Snack: dark chocolate
Dinner: chicory from the oven, and rösti buttons (chicory recipe here, only I recplaced most of the bread-crumbs by crushed cashews)

Vegan Challenge food diary pita bread with chickpea filling

Vegan Challenge food diary chicory with rosti buttons

Day 28 – Thursday

On Thursday morning, I made myself some homemade granola again. The last couple of times, I made this from a bag of those loose granola flakes. I like the clustered granola better, so I used that bag to make those clustered ones myself. I hope this makes sense, haha! So, this time, I figured I could just buy oat-flakes. My grocery store didn’t have those, so I got oatmeal instead. This gave a different result. It was still good, but it was less crunchy than when I used the granola flakes. So, next time I’ll just go to one of those bio grocery stores to get oat-flakes.

Breakfast: soy yoghurt with homemade granola and raspberries
Lunch: 2 sandwiches with peanutbutter and chocolate paste, and 2 kiwi’s
Dinner: nasi with cassave crisps and homemade vegan satés auce

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek nasi met cassave kroepoek en zelfgemaakte satésaus

Day 29 – Friday

The asparagus season just started, and as a big asparagus lover, I just had to make something with asparagus this week. Ik like to keep my asparagus dishes simple, so I just cooked them and covered them with a sauce made from vegan mayonaise, lemon juice, mustard and maple syrup, along with some potatoes from the over. So good!

Breakfast: soy yoghurt with homemade granola and raspberries, and a sandwich with chocolate paste
Lunch: 3 roasted sandwiches with baba ganoush
Snack: 2 bananas
Dinner: cooked asparagus with a sauce of lemon juice, vegan mayonaise, mustard, and maple syrup, and potatoes from the oven
Snack: dark chocolate

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Asperges met aardappeltjes uit de oven

Day 30 – Saturday

Saturday was the last day of the vegan challenge. We had vegan Dutch crepes with fresh strawberries and melted dark chocolate for breakfast. I make these every once and a while, and this really is one of those treat breakfasts! That afternoon we had a late lunch with a friend from our studies. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo there, but I had a veggie sandwich with grilled veggies, vegan tzatziki and avocado. Really yummy! Because it was the last day of the challenge, and because I’m a huge fan of vegan croquettes from the Vegetarian Butcher (yes, we have that here!), I decided this would be the perfect ending of my Vegan Challenge. So, we had vegan croquettes on dark bread with vegan mayo and ketchup for dinner, along with some broccoli mixed with sundried tomatoes. Yeah!

Breakfast: vegan Dutch crepes with strawberries and melted dark chocolate
Lunch: a veggie sandwich
Dinner: vegan croquettes on brown bread, and broccoli with sundried tomatoes

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek vegan pannekoeken met aardbeien en gesmolten chocolade

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Vegan broodje Kroket vegetarische slager

I hope you liked reading these food diaries! Would you like me to do a food diary every once and while (like every two months or so), of my regular eating pattern? I would love to hear! And do you also eat vegan sometimes? :-)



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    Sunday May 1st, 2016

    Ziet er weer heerlijk uit, zoals altijd! Super dat je zo veel vegan blijft eten :) Als je nog een goede vegan kaas zoekt, moet je Violife eens proberen. Dat is mijn favoriet.

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    Sunday May 1st, 2016

    Dankjewel voor de tip! Zal het eens een keer proberen :-)

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    Monday May 2nd, 2016

    Super leuk dat je dit ook doet!
    Mijn schoonmoeder doet deze challenge ook,
    en ik heb veel van deze receptjes ook kunnen proberen, hmm!
    Echt heerlijk.

    liefs joelle

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