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April 17, 2016

Hi loves!

My third vegan challenge food diary is here! It’s all going so fast! This week, I went to Utrecht for a bloggers event, to the musical ‘Soldier of Orange’ (where I also had dinner), I had lunch in The Hague, and I went to the International Collectors Fair to record a video. All in all, I was away from home quite a few times during lunch and dinner, which made this week pretty interesting for this challenge. At the bloggers event, I could easily eat vegan, because it matched the theme of the event. At the musical, I called beforehand to ask if they could arrange something, which they could. In The Hague, we especially went to have lunch at a vegetarian and vegan lunchroom, so there was plenty of choice. And I brought my own sandwiches to the International Collectors Fair. So, it all actually went fine! I also really liked how they helped me out at the theatre restaurant. Really great service! So, off to my food diary! Per day, I’m sharing what I was doing that day, and how everything went food-wise. And I’m sharing the links to the recipes I used. Do you have any tips for good vegan recipes? I’d love to try them!

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 3

Day 10 – Sunday

On Sunday, I went to the launch event of Shop ‘n Style, which also included a lunch. So for breakfast, I only ate the leftovers of the peach soy yoghurt. Because it was a fair and green event, together with a girl from a Dutch wellknown vegan blog, I figured there would be enough vegan options. And I was right! The catering was done by Yoghurt Barn. All bite were vegan, and next to regular yoghurt, they also had vegan yoghurt. There were more vegans present at the event, so there turned out to be one vegan yoghurt too little. And Merel (from the vegan blog) was so sweet to give hers to me! She said she was going to another event with food afterwards anyway. So, thanks again! After the event, I really felt like getting something at the train station to eat on my way home. But I know chances were pretty low I would find something vegan. So when I came home, I ate a vegan bounty, olives, and cashew nuts. After that, me and my boyfriend went out for a drink and soak up the last sun rays, and I had a cappuccino with soy milk. For dinner, I made a vegan Shepherd’s Pie. This one is sooooooo good! I’ve been making it for a while now, about every two weeks I think. It’s one of my boyfriend’s new favorite dishes! And also non-veggies really appreciate this dish, when they come over for dinner. So, highly recommended!

Breakfast: soy yoghurt with peach flavor
Lunch: at the event. Soy yoghurt with coconut flakes, chocolate, nuts and banana, and a slice of raisin bread
snack: vegan bounty, olives, cashew nuts, cappuccino with soy milk
Dinner: vegan Shepherd’s Pie (recipe here)

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 3: yoghurt barn

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 3: shepherd's pie

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 3: shepherd's pie

Day 11 – Monday

I was really craving the peach soy yoghurt, but I already ran out of it. And I was not really planning on buying it again this soon, as these sweet artificial flavors are not really the best start of the day, haha! And so I tried out a different way to add a more healthy flavor to my yoghurt. I put some soy yoghurt in the blender, along with a banana, and made myself banana soy yoghurt. I thought it was pretty good, but I did feel like the flavor was too much. Next time, I would use only half a banana. But actually, I think I just liked the peach flavor better. So I might try this again with a fresh peach!

For dinner, I made vegan korma from a Dutch vegan blog. Next to that, I made naan bread myself, because the naans you can buy in the grocery stores usually contain yoghurt. And now I could make them with soy yoghurt! It turned out to be super easy, and actually they were much more alike to the ‘real’ naans, than those from the grocery stores. So, from now on, I will be making them myself! The vegan korma was really good, but I actually used too little soy yoghurt and coconut milk, so it wasn’t really ‘wet’ enough. Also, next time I’m going to use less potatoes, and add some mushrooms or cauliflower instead. Other than that, the taste was really good!

Breakfast: soy yoghurt mixed in the blender with banana, banana pieces and granola, and two kiwi’s
Lunch: 1 slice of bread with peanut butter, and one with gingerbread spread
Snack: vega bounty, couple of vegan cocktail nuts
Dinner: vegan korma (recipe here), with homemade naan bread (recipe here, with yoghurt replaced by soy yoghurt)

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 3: ontbijt en lunch

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 3: vegan korma naan bread

Dag 12 – Dinsdag

On Tuesday, me and my mom went to the musical ‘Soldaat van Oranje’ (Soldier of Orange). I got this from my parents as a birthday gift, and it included an entire arrangement with dinner, and a snack during the intermission. We called beforehand to inform them about my mom being a vegetarian, and me wanting to eat vegan. Also, because the arrangement didn’t state what the intermission snack would be. The menu did have a vegetarian recipe; risotto with green asparagus, wild mushrooms, and crisps made of grilled cheese. For me, they made this same risotto, but without cream, and instead of the cheese crisps, I got sweet potato crisps. They also thought about me for the starter. Instead of a savory profiterole, I got vegetable kebab with salsa sauce. The intermission snack turned out to usually be nuts, cheese, olives and sausages. For my mom, they replaced the sausages with extra cheese and olives. And for me, they made plate with some grilled mushrooms, zucchini, and walnuts, and green asparagus. So, that was amazing! And it also tasted really great!

Breakfast: 2 slices of bread with peanut butter
Lunch: 2 grilled slices of bread with hummus
Snack: cocktail nuts, vegan bounty
Dinner: at the musical. Vegetable kebap with salsa sauce and bread, as a starter. Risotto with green asparagus, wild mushrooms, and sweet potato crisps, as a main.
Snack: at the musical. Grilled mushrooms, zucchini and walnuts, green asparagus, olives and nuts.

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 3: soldaat van oranje

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 3: soldaat van oranje


Day 13 – Wednesday

Wednesday was not that inspiring when it comes to food. I ate bread for both breakfast and lunch, and for dinner we ate the leftovers of Monday’s vegan korma. To fill it up a little more, I added mushrooms and some extra coconutmilk. And I made some naanbread again. Very easy, but so good!

Breakfast: 2 small slices of bread with peanutbutter, and an apple
Snack: vegan bounty
Lunch: 1 toasted slice of bread with hummus and cucumber, and 1 with soy butter and chocolate sprinkles
Dinner: left-overs of Monday’s vegan korma, with extra mushrooms and coconutmilk, and homemade vegan naan bread



Day 14 – Thursday

Thursday was my sister’s Simone‘s birthday. And so, I went to The Hague to have lunch with her. She especially picked an organic lunchroom with vegan options (so sweet! :D), and the food was great! The lunchroom is called Baklust. Their sandwich with seitan is hiiiiiighlhy recommended! It was so good! After lunch, our mom arrivd, and we all had a piece of pie. And in this, they also had vegan options! I chose the mango/coconut pie, and this is again recommended! For dinner, I made pizza. I was lazy, so I used ready-to-eat crusts (which turned out to be vegan, yay!) To make sure they wouldn’t be too dry without cheese, I made some extra tomato sauce, and added some pesto. Later that evening, my boyfriend and I ate the last vegan bounty.

Breakfast: soy yoghurt with raspberries and homemade granola (recipe here), but without almond butter
Snack: 2 slices of banana bread
Lunch: at Baklust in The Hague. A sandwich with seitan, sour crout, tomato and vegan mustard-mayonaise
Snack: mango/coconut pie at Baklust
Dinner: homemade vegan pizza (with ready-to-eat crust), with extra tomato sauce, bell pepper, mushrooms, olives and vegan pesto
Snack: vegan bounty


Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 3: Baklust Den Haag Seitan Broodje

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 3: Baklust Den Haag Vegan Taart

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 3: Vegan Pizza

Day 15 – Friday

I had some homemade granola left over from the day before, so I ate soy yoghurt with raspberries and homemade granola again, and a slice of bananabread. I got vegan curry spread for on bread, because I felt like having a different salty something for on bread, other than hummus. It was quite good, and I’m definitely going to finish the jar, but I don’t think I will buy it again. I just didn’t like it enough for the price of €2,99. At night, I ate myself, because my boyfriend was out for dinner with work. I made broccoli with sundried tomatoes, and some sweet potato fries.

Breakfast: soy yoghurt with raspberries and homemade granola, and a slice of bananabread
Lunch: 2 toasted bread slices with vegan curry
Snack: Tony’s Chocolonely, rosemary/seasalt crackers
Dinner: broccoli with sundried tomatoes, and sweet potato fries
Snack: popcorn

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 3: breakfast and lunch

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 3: broccoli sundried tomato sweet potato fries

Day 16 – Saturday

On Saturday, I went to the International Collectors fair. I had to be there quite early, because we were going to record a video about the fair, with a team. You will see more about this on Tuesday! As breakfast, I quickly ate two slices of banana bread, and I prepared two sandwiches to go. On the fair, I was really craving for fries, and so I ate some fries with ketchup. And I later also ate my sandwiches. At night, I made a simple nasi with one of those bags of Eastern veggies, with yellow rice, homemade saté sauce, and cassave crackers. Tastes great, and it’s also ready really quickly!

Breakfast: two slices of banana bread
Lunch: fries with ketchup, one sandwich with peanutbutter, and one with gingerbread spread
Dinner: nasi with cassave crackers, and homemade saté sauce

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 3: vegan nasi met satésaus



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