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April 10, 2016

Hi sweeties!

My first full week of the Vegan Challenge is done! Today is already day 10 even! Until now, everything is going just fine. I don’t really miss anything, except for when my boyfriend is eating a kitkat in front of me, and I’m out of vegan Tony’s Chocolonely. Argh! But this problem was quickly solved when I made vegan bounty’s. Soooo good! Also, it’s quite a challenge when you spontaneously decide to eat out, like we did yesterday. But eventually, this also worked out! In case you would like to read about what the Vegan Challenge is, and why I’m participating, you can check my food diary from last week. Per day, I’m sharing how it all went, any problems I ran into, what I ate that day, and of course the photos!

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2

Day 3 – Sunday

As breakfast, we both had the same bagel as the day before. They go per 4, and I also had enough of the toppings left, so I just made them again. For lunch, I had to sandwiches with peanutbutter, and as a snack I went for some crisps with seasalt and black pepper.

Dinner: vegan chili from this YouTube recipe

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2

Day 4 – Monday

Struggles when my beloved boyfriend ate a twix and kitkat in front of me. Aaaah, I bought myself a new Tony’s Chocolonely pecan-cocos bar that very same day. Food wise, this wasn’t a very inspiring day. Sandwiches with peanutbutter and Saturday’s and Sunday’s leftovers for dinner, haha!

Breakfast: peanutbutter sandwich
Lunch: 2 slices bananabread, 2 bananas, 1 kiwi
Snack: last of the seasalt and pepper crisps
dinner: leftovers from Saturday and Sunday
Snack: last slice of bananabread

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2

Day 5 – Tuesday

On Tuesday, I felt like making a smoothiebowl. It was super good, but also very cold, so I shortly put it in the microwave, haha! After the bowl, I was still feeling hungry, so I ate a peanutbutter sandwich. On Tuesday, I discovered Wasa crackers with seasalt and rosemary. Oh heaven! These are very thin crackers, which are great as a snack (with nothing spread on, but also with hummus and cucumber for example), and they are vegan! For dinner, I made me and my boyfriend a salad, of which I will be posting the recipe on Tuesday! We both loved it! Defitely making it again!

Breakfast: smoothiebowl with soy yoghurt, raspberry’s and banana, with some granola & a peanutbutter sandwich
Lunch: 2 roasted bread slices with hummus
Snack: couple of Wasa crackers with seasalt and rosemary, and a piece of chocolate
Dinner: salad with spinach, cauliflower, carrot, cucumber, pommegranate seeds, falafel, and musterd-maple syrup dressing (recipe online upcoming Tuesday!)

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2

Day 6 – Wednesday

On wednesday, the construction of our new bathroom started, so I had to get up really early to let the workers in. When it’s so early, I really don’t feel like putting a lot of effort in my breakfast, and so I went for two peanutbutter sandwiches. For lunch I went for another sandwich, but this time with soy butter, and dark chocolate sprinkles (yes, we Dutchies eat this on bread ;-) ) Later that day, I went for a coffee at Starbucks with Joy. Usually I go for the caramel machiato, but the caramel drizzle they put on there, is made with butter. The caramel syrup however, is vegan! So, I went for a latte with soy milk and caramel syrup. For dinner, I made the amaranth/vegetable burgers by ‘De Groene Meisjes’ (Green Girls). I already made these a couple of times, and I can so recommend to try them! Not hard to make at all, and they turn out great! The recipe is in Dutch, but using Google translate, you shoud come a long way :-)

Breakfast: two sandwiches with peanutbutter
Lunch: sandwich with soy butter and chocolate sprinkles
Snack 1: Tony Chocolonely pecan-cocos chocolate
Snack 2: Starbucks latte with soy milk and caramel syrup
Snack 3: rosemary/seasalt crackers
Dinner: vegan burgers made of amaranth and vegetables, with ketchup and vegan mayo from this recipe

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2

Day 7 – Thursday

On Thursday, I tried out soy yoghurt with peach flavor, and it was soooo good! Really not healthy of course, because of the super weet peach flavour they add to it, but it’s really good, so oh well. For lunch, I wanted to go for two toasted slices of bread with hummus again, but as soon as I plugged in the toaster, the fuses blew. Oddly, I don’t like hummus on not-toasted bread slices, so I smeared them with gingerbread spread (oh yes, again, we eat this on bread!) So, that was not at all an unpleasant alternative ;-)

Breakfast: soy yoghurt with peach flavor, a banana, and a kiwi
Lunch: two slices of bread with ‘speculoos’ spread
Snack: rozemarijn/zeezout crackers and Tony’s Chocolonely
Diner: whole-wheat spaghetti with mushroom soy cream sauce and spinach (recipe from the Vegan Challenge here)

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2

Day 8 – Friday

On Friday at noon, I opened the kitchen cabinet which usually houses our bread, only to find no bread. And so, I ate two rosemary/seasalt crackers with hummus and cucumber. Loved it! On Friday, I also made vegan bounty’s by ‘De Groene Meisjes’. These were amazeballs! I actually hadn’t eaten bounty’s for a while, but personally I thought they tasted very much alike. My boyfriend also loved them! That night, I had dinner by myself, and I made cauliflowers with chick peas with musterd dressing, and sweet potato fries. Later that evening, I ate far too many cocktail nuts. My internet had been that that entire day, so I basically couldn’t think of anything better to do than to watch the only two DVD’s we had laying around, and stuff myself while watching them, haha!

Breakfast: soy yoghurt with peach flavor, and two kiwis
Lunch: rosemary/seasalt crackers with hummus and cucumber
Snack: vegan bounty’s (recipe from ‘De Groene Meisjes’ here)
Dinner: cauliflower and chickpeas from the oven, with musterd dressing (recipe here), and sweet potato fries from the oven
Snack: vegan cocktail nuts

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2 Rozemarijn zeezout crackers met humms en komkommer

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2 Vegan Bounty's

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2 vegan bounty's

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2 zoete aardappel friet bloemkool

Dag 9 – Zaterdag

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I spontaneously decided to go to the city of Den Bosch. I think I had never been there before, I but I thought it was so cute and pretty! Before we went, I quickly checked for a nice vegan lunch place. And so around lunch time (at 4, ahum), we sat down at HAP in Den Bosch. They had the best soda’s here! My boyfriend went for a ginger beer (which wasn’t really a beer, but a soda) and I went for a cherry coke. For lunch, we shared a vegan grilled cheese sandwich (oh yeah!) and a salad. Good food, nice relaxed place, and also really low budget! For dinner, we went for a vegan restaurant. The waiter didn’t quite understand the concept of being vegan, so I had to ask for everything (is there egg in there, butter, milk, cream…?) and eventually I managed to eat a vegan meal!

Breakfast: I made me and my boyfriend ciabatta bread with hummus, grilled bell pepper, and green olives
Snack 1: vegan bounty
Snack 2: cashew nuts and strawberries
Lunch: at HAP in Den Bosch, me and my boyfriend shared a grilled sandwich with vegan cheese, and a salad
Dinner: we ate at an Indian restaurant in Den Bosch

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2 lunch broodjes ciabatta

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2 HAP Den Bosch

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Week 2 Indiaas



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    Sunday April 10th, 2016

    Wauw, die salade met falafel en granaatappelpitjes ziet er zo lekker uit!

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    Sunday April 10th, 2016

    Dankjewel! :D Dinsdag post ik het recept! Vond het een beetje lange post worden anders dit, haha! :-)

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    Monday April 11th, 2016

    These actually looked really!! Now I really want a smoothie!! My dad might like those homemade Bounty bars. He likes anything coconut! :)

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