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April 24, 2016

Hello sweeties!

Week 4 of the Vegan Challenge is already over, and I’m already starting my last week! Time is really flying by! The past week, I ate out a couple of times; I went to the food halls for lunch, had a salad during an evening visit at the Spa, went out for dinner with friends, and I ordered in an actual pizza with vegan cheese! Also, I was a way for an entire day to support my boyfriend during his 10 kilometer swimming competition. Curious how this all went vegan-food-wise? Then continue reading! :-)

Vegan Challenge Food Diary Eetdagboek Blogger

Day 17 – Sunday

On Sunday, I made vegan crepes for brunch. Instead of egg, I used a banana. And I added some thin slices of apple to the pancakes. They turned out really nicely, so I will soon post a recipe for these! Later that day, me and my boyfriend went to the Food halls in Amsterdam. We shared a mezze plate with falafel, bread and several types of hummus. It was so good! And my boyfriend also really liked it! I also had a smoothie there, made with soy yoghurt, strawberries, and orange juice. For dinner, I made a dish which I used to make a lot some time ago; sweet potatoes from the oven, stuffed with a Mexican filling. Really recommended!

Breakfast: vegan pancakes with banana instead of egg, apple and cinnamon (recipe online soon!)
Snack: vegan chocolate
Lunch: Mezze and vegan smoothie
Dinner: Mexican style stuffed sweet potatoes (recipe here)

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Crepes Pannekoeken Appel

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek Mezze foodhallen amsterdam

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek zoete aardappel met mexicaanse vulling

Day 18 – Monday

On Monday, my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, and me and my boyfriend, went to see Roger Hodgson (formerly of Supertramp). And my parents came over for dinner beforehand! I made vegan chili. It’s really good, healthy, and easy to make, so I’ve ben making this a lot lately! I got vegan chocolate chip cookies for the after dinner coffee. And they were soooo good! We only had one left ;-)

Breakfast: 2 slices bananabread
Lunch: 1 sandwich with peanutbutter and chocolate sprinkles, and 1 sandwich with only peanutbutter
Snack: 1 banana, and cashew nuts
Dinner: vegan chili (recipe here)

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek vegan chili

Day 19 – Tuesday

On Tuesday morning, I made myself some vegan granola again. I really love the combo of soy yoghurt, homemade granola en raspberries. I’m really going to keep eating this for breakfast, after the vegan challenge! For dinner, I made white bean burgers from the Vegan Challenge website. I do like a veggie burger every once and a while, and I especially like making them myself. I hadn’t tried this one before, but they were so good, and they were not that hard to make!

Breakfast: soy yoghurt with homemade granola and raspberries
Lunch: rosemary/seasalt crackers with hummus and cucumber, and a banana
Snack: chocolate, and the last chocolate chip cookie
Dinner: witte bean burgers (recipe here)

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek sojayoghurt met zelfgemaakte muesli en frambozen

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek witte bonen burgers

Day 20 – Wednesday

I had soy yoghurt with homemade granola and raspberries for breakfast again, because I had some granola left over from yesterday. For lunch, I had toasted bread with baba ganoush, a spread made from eggplant. I really looooove eggplant, and it’s a nice variation next to hummus. For dinner, I made stuffed bell peppers from the Vegan Challenge website, which I had already made a couple of times. The bell peppers are sturffed with a mix of scrambled tofu, nuts, soy sauce and herb. Really good!

Breakfast: soy yoghurt with homoemade granola and raspberries, and a slice of banana
Lunch: 2 slices of toasted bread with baba ganoush
Snack: chocolate, and nuts
Dinner: stuffed bell peppers from the Vegan Challenge website (recipe here)

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek gevulde paprika's met tofu en noten

Day 21 – Thursday

On Thursday, I went to a press day, and they happened to have a salad bar with vegan options! So I just had to have lunch there. I went for a salad with lentils, spinach, pickles, and raisins. It was so good! At night, I went to the spa with my boyfriend, and we also had dinner there. I called them beforehad to check whether they could make a vegan options, because I couldn’t find anything about it on their website. But they could! They made me a salad with zucchini, green asparagus, and other veggies. And I had fries on the side! Yumm!

Breakfast: 2 plakken bananenbrood
Lunch: salade met linzen bij een persdag
Snack: chocolate
Dinner: salad with zucchini, green asparagus, other veggies, and fries, at the Spa

Vegan Challenge Eetdagboek salade

Day 22 – Friday

My Friday was pretty chaotic. It was the last day of the renovation of our bathroom. All the days before, I made sure I was up and all ready before the workers arrived. But somehow, I managed to sleep through my alarm clock for over an hour, while dreaming about all the cats I had ever had all living with me, when I was harshly awakened by our hysterically loud door bell, haha! The rest of the day continued to be chaotic. And in the evening, me and my boyfriend went out for dinner with some friends of our studies.

Breakfast: 2 slices of bananabread
Lunc: sandwich with peanutbutter, and rosemary/seasalt cracers with hummus and cucumber
Snack: chocolate
Dinner: vegan chili, with nachos, and salsa sauce, at a restaurant

Vegan Challenge Food Diary Eetdagboek Blogger

Day 23 – Saturday

On Saturday, I went to support my boyfriend during his 10 kilometer swimming competition. This distance takes him about 2,5 hour, and we also had to drive there, and drive back home, so in total this took about the entire day. For breakfast, we had ciabatta bread with pesto, dandelion salad, and tomato. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring anything to eat, and there wasn’t anything there where I could buy food. At some point, I did get pretty hungry, and the only thing I could eat was an energy bar my boyfriend gave me. I don’t think it was vegan, unfortunately! I had bananabread in the fridge at home, so I could’ve easily brought some of that, but I just forgot. Next time! When we came home, it was already 7:30, so I didn’t really feel like cooking. And so we decided to order something. I found a restaurant that delivered pizza’s with vegan cheese. The pizza was pretty good, and we both especially liked the crust. Really recommended when you’re in Amsterdam and looking for a vegan pizza!

Breakfast: ciabatta with pesto, tomato and dandelion salad
Lunch: energy bar, which was probably not vegan
Snack: chocolate
Dinner: ordered pizza with veggies and vegan cheese

Vegan Challenge Food Diary Eetdagboek Blogger

Vegan Challenge Food Diary Eetdagboek Blogger

Vegan Challenge Food Diary Eetdagboek Blogger Vegan pizza vegan cheese kaas

Are you also doing the vegan challenge? And if so, how are things going for you? :D



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    Sunday April 24th, 2016

    Wat eet jij toch altijd heerlijke dingen! Die pannenkoeken, mezze en gevulde zoete aardappel zien er zooo goed uit! (En dat allemaal op 1 dag zie ik nu, yummm)

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    Sunday April 24th, 2016

    Haha, dankjewel! Ik hou gewoon echt van lekker eten, helemaal als het ook nog (soort van) gezond is! :D

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    Tuesday April 26th, 2016

    I really love these posts, I know I say that every week, but I really do!! I wish you wouldn’t stop these, but I feel like they might be a lot to do during the week so I understand a much needed break once this challenge is finished.

    I’m gonna check out that crepe recipe now!! :)

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    Tuesday April 26th, 2016

    Aww, thank you so much! Yeah, I was thinking that it would be fun to do them more often. But like you said, they’re a lot more work than you would think, haha! I keep updating this post during the week, because I don’t want to forget what I’ve been eating, haha! And then there’s the photo taking, which is a lot of fun, but the bf likes to eat his food before it’s cold, haha! ;-)

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