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March 5, 2016

Hello sweeties!

In the blog post series ‘Talking Style’ I’m interviewing fellow bloggers about their style. And I ask them for tips of fun unknown shops, and how to find your own style! This time, I’m talking style with Josie from Mary Josie! So, time to get to know her and her style a little better!

Talking Style With...  Mary Josie Blog

1. How would you describe your style?

Very simple without getting boring. I like to wear black, and simple items. Eventhough I love edgy items, I do like to keep it feminine. So for example, I wear a pair of boyfriend jeans with a nice lace top. And then I might wear it with heels or sneakers. Hair and make-up are really important for me as well.

2. What can visitors expect when they land on your blog?

A lot of outfits, personal updates, and actually everything that’s happening to me on a weekly basis. I share as much thoughts with my readers as possible. I look at my blog as some sort of style diary; I share my ootd’s, wishlists, and everything that I’m interested in at that moment, fashion and beauty wise. Also, when I’m going on vacation or doing something fun, I’ll share photos and stories. :-)

3. What’s on top of your wishlist?

A small and pretty black bag which I can use on a daily basis. One by Yves Saint Laurent, s’il vous plaît.

Talking Style With...  Mary Josie Blog

Talking Style With...  Mary Josie Blog

4. What’s your favorite go-to outfit?

Probably a neat pair of trousers with a nice sweater or top. I would wear heels with that, and a long coat or leather jacket.

5. Who’s your biggest (fashion) inspiration or example?

Sorry, I have to say it: The Jenners. I get a lot of inspiration from the clothing styles of Kylie & Kendall. And I also really like the style of Pharrel Williams, Tyler The Creator and fashion blogger Fanny Lyckman.

6. Which item in your closet is your absolute favorite?

Ooh, tough one! At the moment, I’m very much in love with my leather bag from Gianni Chiarinni. Everything fits in there, and I wear it basically every day.

Talking Style With...  Mary Josie Blog

Talking Style With...  Mary Josie Blog

7. Any smaller or unknown brands we need to know about?

Yesss! I think Lovers And Drifters Club is really cool. I would love to score some of their items. But first I would have to save up. :-)

8. What is your favorite trend at the moment?

Patches! Although I don’t have any items with patches on them myself (yet), I do have a couple of cool patches ready to be ironed. This is going to be a fun DIY project soon.

9. And last, but not least, any tips for people who are currently figuring out their own style?

Experiment and dare! Try as many different trends, colors, patterns and styles. Through the years, I have tried a whole lot of different things, and now I know which items to score and which to avoid. For example, I wear very little bold colors, because I personally don’t like those on me. Simple and strong items are more me.

Talking Style With... Mary Josie Blog

So, what do you think of Josie’s style? You can check out her blog at!



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    Saturday March 5th, 2016

    Ik vind haar stijl heel gaaf! Rustig en daardoor juist heel stoer ! ♥

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    Saturday March 5th, 2016

    Ja, zeker! Staat haar ook heel goed! :-)

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    Saturday March 5th, 2016

    Altijd de leukste outfits heeft ze :)

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