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January 26, 2016

Hi loves!

Me and my boyfriend have been living in our current apartment for about one and half year now. Ever since we moved in, we’ve been planning to renovate the bathroom. The bathroom is functional, but it’s really old and it doesn’t look nice anymore, at all, haha! Also, we’re having trouble with little things like clogged sinks, more and more often. So, it’s about time we really get it renovated! Next to that, we also have a spare room which is exactly the right size to make into a toilet. The toilet is now in the bathroom, and we both really like the idea of having this in a seperate room. Plus, it gives us some extra space in the bathroom, which makes it possible to get a bath and seperate shower! So, a total win-win situation if you ask us! We have a relatively small budget, and not a really big bathroom, so we decided to keep the bathroom layout simple and calm.

Luckily, when it comes to bathrooms, we both like simple, and calm colors. We will add the color and details later, when buying new towels and accessories. In this post, I’m sharing bathroom inspiration with you! We already have quite a clear image of what we want our bathroom to look like. So underneath some of the photos, in which there are elements that we would like to incorporate in our bathroom, I will tell you a bit of our idea. What do you think of these bathroom inspiration photos? And how would you organize your bathroom? :-)

Bathroom Inspiration

©Dröm Living/Homify

Bathroom Inspiration

©PASS architekci/Homify

Bathroom Inspiration

©Michel Kievits/Homify

In the photo above, they used grey tiles in different sizes, to make a brick-like pattern. The tiles we picked, look exactly the same as these! Only, we are not going to tile all the walls with them, because we think this will look too busy. So we’re going for just the wall in the back, and the frame of the bath. For the floor, we also picked out grey square tiles, like in the photo. The rest of the tiles will be matt white rectangles.

Bathroom Inspiration


Bathroom Inspiration

©Medie Interieurarchitectuur/Homify

The photo above looks kind of similar to what we would like our toilet to look like. Big white tiles, grey square tiles on the floor, and on the back wall a different tile. We can’t afford the gorgeous marble they have in this picture, but we’re going for the same grey brick-like-pattern tiles as in the back wall of the bathroom.

Bathroom Inspiration

©Den Ouden Tegel/Homify

Bathroom Inspiration

©Grohe Nederland BV/Homify

Bathroom Inspiration


©Sani Bouw/Homify

The photo above gives you an idea of the colors we’re planning to use. Only, we will be going for a bit more grey-ish tiles. The washbasin cabinet and the mirror cabinet above, do look very similar to what we have picked out. Only we didn’t go for a two-persons size. For us, a smaller one will do, and we think the bathroom would be a bit full when we go for a bigger one. And we’re also going for one of those design radiators which you can use to hang your towels on.

©Van Wanrooij Keuken, Badkamer & Tegel Warenhuys/Homify

©Baden Baden Interior/Homify

I really love details like these in a bathroom! I’m only wondering whether we would have the space, haha! But it’s always great to have some inspiration :-)

©Het Ontwerphuis/Homify

This also looks pretty much like our idea; brick-like pattern tiles as the bath frame and on one wall, and on the other walls big white tiles. Only, the tiles we picked out are a bit more dark grey.

©Choc Studio Interieur/Homify

©Michał Młynarczyk/Homify


©Klaudia Tworo Projektowanie Wnętrz/Homify

What do you think of these bathroom inspiration photos? And how would you organize your bathroom? :-)


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    Tuesday January 26th, 2016

    Thanks! This was helpful – I am in the same boat. I definitely want to use similar colours!

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    Wednesday January 27th, 2016

    My bathroom dreams

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