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December 29, 2015

Hello sweeties!

The year is almost over, so I thought it would be fun to do a post on my highlights of the year 2015! I categorized the highlights by month, so you will find one or more highlights for every month. I’m sharing both personal and blogging highlights. My absolute number one highlight happened in February already! Can you guess what it is? :D In this post, I’m sharing only a few shots of outfits which are related to some of my highlights. But I will also be posting a ‘Favorite Outfits of 2015’ kind of post on Sunday! In that post, I will be showing you my own favorite outfit posts, and all the outfit of the month winners! So, off to my 2015 highlights! I hope you like it!

Highlights of the year 2015 Retro Sonja Fashion Blogger


In January, it was my birthday. So, it’s my birthday in a month again already! Anyway, on my birthday, my boyfriend took me out for dinner in a nice restaurant. We also did some other celebrations with friends and family, so this was a lot of fun! Also, in January, me and my boyfriend did the very first outfit shoot in the dark for my blog! And coincidentally, while writing this on Monday night, we just did a second outfit shoot in the dark tonight! In January, I was very happy with the result. Of course the photos had some noise, because you need a very high ISO to shoot at night. But other than that, they turned out great! Let’s see if we can beat that tonight. Those photos will be on the blog this Wednesday!



In February, the absolute number 1 highlight of my year happened! Me and my boyfriend adopted our lovely kitty cat Minoes from the animal shelter! Every day, we keep being amazed by how sweet and cute she is. Cuddling is her favorite thing to do in the world, and she wants to be around us as much as possible. And we feel the exact same way. I love her so much!


In March, my new blog came online! For those who started following me in March, or later this year. Before, my blog used to have another name, but I had to change that name because of some legal reasons. So, I took that opportunity to transfer my blog from Blogger to WordPress, and to create a new layout! Now, I’m actually very happy with the name ‘Retro Sonja’ and I think it even fits me and my blog better than my previous name!

In March, I also went to Texel with my mom for a weekend. We went there because Caro Emerald was performing there, and we decided to make a nice mother daugther weekend out of it! The weather was super bad that weekend, but we did have a lot of fun!


In April, one of my favorite posts of 2015 came online! The Style Switch with Ellen! Me and Ellen have totally different styles, so we thought it would be fun to both create an outfit for the other in our own style. One of the most fun shoots ever! I’m hoping to get Ellen to do this again in 2016 ;-)

In April, I also finished this Twiggy style dress! I’m still very happy with the result. And now that I see it in this picture again, I’m reminded that I can also wear it with my new over knee boots! So you can expect another outfit post with this dress soon!

And also in April, I had my very own ‘Feeling Vintage’ jewelry collection in collaboration with House of Lou! I still really like all of the items. I received all the items to try them out myself, and some of them really turned out to be new favorites! Like the Gatsby style drop earrings (lower left corner in the picture below), the gold cherry earrings and the yellow necklace!


In May, me and my boyfriend went for a day of biking through the Netherlands on a sunny day. We really love doing this on beautiful spring days. We always find so many beautiful spots, which you don’t see when you go by train or car. I really recommend it! I also made a blog post of all the pretty things we bumped into that day! And I showed you my biking outfit here!

Also in May, I was on Dutch telivision with a short interview about my clothing style! I shared that interview here!

And last, but not least, in May I posted a blog post which turned out to be one of the most read post of 2015! Namely, my post with outfit photography tips! I often receive questions about how I make my outfit photos. And in that post, I’m telling you all about it!


In June, me and my boyfriend went on vacation for two weeks to Italy! We spend most of our time relaxing, but we also did some day trips to Naples, the Vesuvius volcano, the gorgeous beach city Positano and the ancient city of Pompeii!

Find the Naples diary post here.

Find the Pompeii diary post here.

Find the Vesuvius diary post here.

Fint the Positano diary post here.


In July, FashionWeek Amsterdam took place. I was lucky enough to be present at at least one show every day. I have never been to so many shows at Fashion Week before! It’s already Fashion Week in Amsterdam again in two weeks. I can’t wait! Anyway, since I went to so many shows, I thought it would be fun to do some trend forecasting, based on common denominators I noticed in the shows. And this post also turned out to be one of the most read posts of 2015! I forecasted the trends for upcoming spring and summer, so it’s still interesting to read, if you like!


In August, me and Ellen did a post together again! This time because we both picked out the same pair of shoes. We thought it was a fun idea to shoot our outfits with them together, to show how differently you can style one pair of Chelsea boots. One of the most fun posts to do, and I especially really like this happy shot below!

Also in August, I went to another Caro Emerald concert! This time, it was an outdoor concert near my hometown. I went with my mom again, and it was amazing as always! Of course, I had to dress up again! I was wearing this fabulous petrol vintage hat! If you like, you can check out the entire outfit here!


In September, my first column in Dutch Vintage Lifestyle Magazine was published! In the meantime, I already wrote a second one for the December edition! Definitely a great highlight for me this year!

Also, I started doing more video’s this year. In September, I posted one in which I showed you my (not so small) hat collection. One of the video’s I found most fun to do!


In October, I did another video which I really liked doing; on 15 ways to tie/wear a scarf!

In October, all the trees were looking so pretty! And it was still pretty sunny, so I enjoyed fall a lot this year! And I took my chance to photograph a ton of outfits in fall setting with golden hour effect, like the one below!


In November, I went to a Caro Emerald concert for the third and last time this year. Again with my mom, and we had a blast! In this post, I’m showing you the outfit I was wearing. They changed the arrangements of most of the songs, and it really was one of her best concerts so far! And that says a lot! This was my 18th time seeing her live, so I’m expecting the 20th anniversary in 2016, haha!

One of the biggest highlights of the year; I hosted the Vintage Challenge on the International Collectors Fair in November! My collaboration with the International Collectors Fair is getting bigger every time we work together, and this time I even got to host a challenge! There was evenan online voting, and the winner received a vintage cheque!


The highlight of December definitely is Christmas. As you might know from following my blog the past few weeks, I just loooove Christmas! Last weekend, my boyfriend was free from work for 4 days, so we had a lot of quality time together. And I really enjoyed it! And the best thing is, he’s free for 4 days again upcoming weekend! :D

Find my post about our Christmas decoration here!

I hope you liked reading about my personal and blogging highlights of 2015! All in all, I had a great year! What are your highlights of 2015? I’d love to hear!



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    Tuesday December 29th, 2015

    What a lovely year!! I love the yellow dress very much! I hope you will have a wonderful 2016!!

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    Tuesday December 29th, 2015

    Wat een leuke hoogtepunten! Minoes moet een geweldige aanwinst zijn :D lief! Ik wens je een mooi nieuw jaar!

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    Tuesday December 29th, 2015

    Hallo Sonja,
    Ik wilde even zeggen dat ik je blog met veel plezier volg en je outfits echt een inspiratie voor me zijn. Bedankt en ik hoop dat je nog lang zo door gaat met je blog! En alvast de beste wensen voor 2016 :) Groetjes, Jessica (uit Delft)

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    Tuesday December 29th, 2015

    Erg mooie blogpost met fijne hoogtepunten. Dat 2016 maar net zo fijn mag worden!

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    Wednesday December 30th, 2015

    My favourite posts were about Minoes, the style swap with Ellen, the way that you both wore the same shoes and different outfits and of course the vintage market. I’ve had a terrible year with family deaths so I can’t say there’s anything I enjoyed about this year apart from starting blogging again to take my mind of it but yours is one of my favourites to read so I’m happy that your year was so successful

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    Wednesday December 30th, 2015

    Thank you Selina! Those are my personal favorite posts too! And also, thank you for all your genuine comments this year!

    I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve had such a hard year. I really hope 2016 will be much better for you!

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    Wednesday December 30th, 2015

    Oh, and as for the recipes. It didn’t really fit into the text of my recent posts, so here it is just for you:

    I made puff pastries with pumpkin puree and red onion (Dutch recipe here), vegan vegetable tart with cabbage as the surroundings (Dutch recipe here), with potato wedges from the oven, and as a desert vegan truffles and a strawberry slushie. (Truffle recipe here.

    And on another day, I made potato fans stuffed with grano padano cheese, Indonesian style stuffed eggplant with lentils (Dutch recipe here) and scroppinos as a dessert.

    Happy new year!

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    Wednesday December 30th, 2015

    Thank you! Sounds great and I might try some of those recipes

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    Wednesday December 30th, 2015

    wat een mooi jaar en wat leuk dat je per maand je hoogtepunten hebt opgeschreven en jeetje al bijna weer jarig, leuk!

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    Wednesday December 30th, 2015

    Dankjewel Alexa! Jaa, de tijd vliegt echt voorbij zeg!

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    Wednesday December 30th, 2015

    Fijn nieuw jaar Sonja! je foto’s komen altijd voor bij op mijn tijdlijn op facebook (in de blog groepen). En je hebt de mooiste foto van alle bloggers die voorbij komen. Je hebt een hele eigen stijl en het staat je geweldig! Veel voorspoed voor jouw in het nieuwe jaar! <3

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    Friday January 1st, 2016

    Aah, dankjewel Diane! Wat een superlief en leuk compliment! Heel leuk om te horen! :D En jij ook een geweldig 2016 gewenst! :D

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    Thursday December 31st, 2015

    Minoesje <3

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    Friday January 1st, 2016

    Jaaaaaaaaa <3

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    Tuesday January 5th, 2016

    […] I was making my Highlights of 2015 post, it occured to me that I could also wear my over knee boots with this self made yellow mod dress. […]

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