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June 5, 2015

Hello loves!

I’m going on vacation tomorrow! For two weeks to the south of Italy around Naples to be exact! My blog will continue as your used to, with posts on monday, tuesday, thursday and friday, because I planned ahead. It might happen that you find an outfit on here which doesn’t match the weather at all, because I also planned those. Maybe, when I have a warm outfit planned and I find out that it’s super sunny back home, I might switch a few posts. But I don’t know if I will be able to do that on my phone, because I’m not taking my laptop. My sister and her boyfriend will be staying in our house and take care of our cat Minoes, so we’re really happy about that! I will keep you updated about my vacation on Instagram (@RetroSonja)! And I might try Snapchat (@RetroSonja) too. I just installed it, but I don’t really get how it works just yet, haha! But when I get the hang of it, you might find some vacation updates on there as well!

Anyway, vacation means new bikini’s! I really needed new ones, because both my former ones were totally stretched.

Pineapple bikini and lemon bikini

Maybe you remember this post in which I showed you a whole bunch of H&M bikini’s. In that post, I said I was quite sure that I would be walking out the H&M store with at least one of those bikini’s. Unfortunately for me, all the bikini’s I liked were either sold out in my size or didn’t look that good on me. So, the bikini hunt continued! Then, I saw a post in one of those ‘Show your latest buys’ topics on a Dutch forum which showed a super cute lemon bikini. And it turned out to be by good old affordable Dutch brand C&A! I quickly found my way to the nearest C&A and found myself two new bikini’s! I couldn’t decide which top I liked better, so I decided to get both tops in the lemon print. And I also fell in love with the pineapple bikini. So long story short; I’m super happy with my new bikini’s!

What do you think of my bikini’s? And are you going on vacation this year?



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5 comments on “Away on Vacation + New Bikini’s!”
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    Friday June 5th, 2015

    Cute bikinis! Have fun in Italy! x

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    Friday June 5th, 2015

    Those are adorable!

    Love the bright colours. It makes me feel like holiday already.
    I hope you’ll have an amazing time!

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    Friday June 5th, 2015

    Ahh die zijn superleuk! Heel vrolijk :) veel plezier op vakantie, je gaat al vroeg zeg! Zal nog wel rustig zijn qua toerisme :)

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    Tuesday June 9th, 2015

    Thanks! Inderdaad vroeg, maar doen we ook een beetje express omdat alles dan goedkoper en rustiger is! We hebben tot nu toe het zwembad praktisch voor onszelf, haha!

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    Saturday June 6th, 2015

    South of Italy is really amazing and your bikinis too….Have a nice day, kisses,

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