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June 12, 2015

Hi sweeties!

Since a few months, I’m really active on Lookbook. It’s a great way to find new inspiring fashion bloggers, and to share my own outfits of course! Today, I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorite Lookbookers. These girls all post the most amazing outfits! I’m not showing them in any order, and these are not even all my favorites. But these are just the ones I would like to share with you today! If you like it, I can do another post with more of my favorite Lookbookers later! If you want to follow them on Lookbook, just click on their names, because I linked those to their profiles! And if you would like to follow me, this is my profile! Are you on Lookbook? And if so, who are your favorite Lookbookers?

Viktoriya Sener
Viktoriya’s style can go from romantic to casual, but her outfits are always colorful! I really love her color combinations! And she wears the most stunning midi skirts!

Olga Choi
Olga’s outfits are always super feminine! Even when they are more casual, there’s still a feminine touch. She also owns a lot of pretty skirts!

Larisa Costea
Larisa wears a lot of different styles, but her outfits are always super stylish and classy! Even a pair of destroyed baggy jeans look chic on her!

Mayo Wo
Mayo’s outfits are always super cute and feminine! She seems to have a huge love for pastels, and she has an enormous collection of cute and funny bags!

What do you think of their styles? Are you on Lookbook? And if so, who are your favorite Lookbookers?



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2 comments on “4 of My Favorite Lookbookers”
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    Friday June 12th, 2015

    I know 3 out of the 4 you’ve posted. I’ve been on Lookbook almost since the early days and seen so much change. Many of my favourite people have stopped posting (Elin, Annika, Hedvig, Lina, Zeruda, Shan Shan) which is a shame. But my current favourite would be Sushanna, she’s a retro androgynous kind of dresser


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    Friday October 23rd, 2015

    De rokken die de eerste dame aan heeft zijn van Chicwish. Ik heb er 2 besteld maar wat n tegenvallers! Slechte kwaliteit en pasvorm. Jammer jammer

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