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May 6, 2013

Red Sonja Blogger Blog Fashion AnniversaryHi everyone!

Today exactly one year ago I wrote my first blog post, so today is my first ever blog anniversary. Because of this I decided to do a recap of my first blog year with some fun stats, my first outfit posts and some personal comments. Later today I will post a give away to celebrate this anniversary with you! For now, I hope you’ll enjoy my recap!

Some stats

Pageviews                                        39 457
Pageviews in the first month         1878
Pageviews per month now            3824

GFC followers               142
Bloglovin’ followers       71

Total number of posts                                                                               242
Total number of posts containing the words “Caro Emerald”      36

Outfit post journey

From oldest to newest, such that you can see my outfit photography journey. I started making outfit pictures inside the house using self timer, but I soon discovered that this didn’t do good for the quality of my photos, so I started to take photos in the back yard, still using self timer. I used self timer in the back yard for a long time. Only when I went shopping with my sister or a friend, I would have a photographer. I started to discover the different possibilities of my camera and even some of the self timer photos that I made inside the house started to turn out pretty good. Right now my boyfriend takes all my outfit pictures and he’s awesome at it! He has really developed a sense of good lightning and he gives me directions while shooting. So a huge thank you goes out to him! His photography is really one of the reasons I’m starting to get more proud of my blog!

My very first outfit post! Here I was wearing my red thrifted purse, which you probably have seen a lot again after! Click here for the post.

Fashion First Outfit Post Red Sonja Blog Personal Style

May! First outfit post in which I randomly use Caro Emerald lyrics. Click here for the post.

From the back to the middle to the front to the end! Also first outfit post in which Pieter the cat walks into the pictures!

Fashion Outfit Caro Emerald Back It Up Checked Shorts

June! Left: First vintage-y outfit | Right: wearing blue and orange, because of the European soccer championship

Fashion Outfit Polka Dots Knotted Blouse Cobalt Blue Orange

July – sunny bare leg outfits. Links: left post | right post

Outfit Vintage Style Skater Dress Dark Blue and White

At the end of july I went on vacation to Malaga! Links: left post | right post

Fashion Blog Vacation Malaga Outfit Bikini Floppy Hat

In August I ordered my Guardian Angel by Vlieger & Vandam and wore it for the first time! Click here for the post. Funny detail: on the day my Guardian Angel arrived, also Timo finally came home from his 2 month holiday and we became boyfriend and girlfriend!

Fashion Guardian Angel Vlieger Vandam Gun Bag
September! Left: BBQ outfit | Right: one of my Primark shopping sprees

Fashion Blogger Outfit Dark Blue Red Black White
October! Left: shopping with the boyfriend | Right: going to a lecture
Personal Style Fashion Blog Primark Long Skirt

December! Left: I got addicted to burgundy | Right: Christmast outfit

Fashion Outfit Blog Burgundy Cocktail Fascinator Small Top Hat

January! My boyfriend gave me a vintage claque top hat as a gift! Click here for the post.

Vintage Top Hat Laura Dols Fashion Blog Personal Style Blogger /></a></p>
<p><span style=
Of course I also had to outface freezing and snowy winter days. I faced the snow in my cute rubber ankle boots and two pairs of warm socks.
Left | Right

Winter Outfits Fashion Blogger Antwerp Snow

In March I went to two Caro Emerald concerts. One in my now ex-hometown Haarlem (left) and one in the Royal Albert Hall in London (right)

Royal Albert Hall Caro Emerald Self Made Dress Vintage Pillbox Hat

And last but not least, London itself! Click here for the post.

Fashion Outfit London Blue Side Bun Blog

All the outfit pictures you’ve seen recently on the blog were taken in Amsterdam, where I’m now living together with my boyfriend!

Header history

My header history exists of 4 headers. At first I had a header in which I used a photo from my first blog post (see header 1 below). I didn’t quite get all the Photo editing programs like Photofiltre and Photoshop then, so looking back it’s looks very improvised. Which it actually was, haha! I started to dislike the amateur look of it very soon and mad a new header (see header 2). But it didn’t take long until I decided that the RS’s all over the header letters looked too busy and made a new one (see header 3). I had this one a little longer than the first two I think. I didn’t like the pixelness of the ovals around the pictures, but I didn’t know how to do make them smooth in Photofiltre. So, at one point I decided I’d better use a very simple header that looked good than to try to make a more interesting one that just wasn’t perfect, so I made header 4! While making header 4 I already had in mind to teach myself how to use Photoshop such that I could create a more interesting header. Then in January I had a month off my study, so I finally had time to actually start Photoshopping and made a whole new layout including my current header.

Top 3 most viewed posts

1. Caro Emerald Opens Fiftiest Fashion Exposition

    I won two guestlist places for the opening of Fabulous Fifties Fabulous Fashion, an exposition which Caro
    Emerald was opening, because she felt her new song Paris had to be sung there. Caro and the exposition
    were both amazing and I even had a little chat with Miss Emerald about it!

Fabulous Fifties Fashion Den Haag Caro Emerald Paris

2. Outfit | Lace Zalando Sweater

    This outfit I posted when my blog was about 5 months. It’s one of the first with good scenery and it still
    gets a lot of views, months after it was posted!

3. On Quest For The Perfect Royal Albert Hall Outfit – Part I

    In this post I showed you my first ideas for my Royal Albert Hall outfit. I still like this collage, but the
    outfit turned out very different. But in a good way! See the result here.

Outfit Zalando Sweater Red Sonja Blog

So, this were all the things I could think of that could possibly be interesting for a blog year recap. Let me know in the comments if there’s anything more you’d like to know!

Cheers to another year of blogging!

XX Sonja

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    Monday May 6th, 2013

    Heel gaaf om dit zo te zien! En wat heb je veel bereikt in een jaar, heel erg gefeliciteerd!

    On diraît que c’est la mode

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    Monday May 6th, 2013

    Wat leuk om te zien zeg!


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    Monday May 6th, 2013

    Wat leuk om te zien! Ook al die foto’s, grappig!

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    Tuesday May 7th, 2013

    Super leuk!! Gefeliciteerd!!! :)


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    Tuesday May 7th, 2013

    Wat leuk! Gefeliciteerd! :D xxx

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    Tuesday May 7th, 2013

    Happy blog birthday haha

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    Wednesday May 8th, 2013

    Ik volg je al een tijdje via Girlscene.
    Ik vind je echt een superleuke style hebben!
    En ik zie nu wat je bereikt hebt allemaal in een jaar en wil je hierbij graag feliciteren!
    En je hebt er een nieuwe blogloviner bij!
    ik ga je volgen!

    Liefs, jet

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    Wednesday May 8th, 2013

    Wow, je hebt een hele mooie kledingstijl! Leuk om het zo allemaal op een rijtje te zien.

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    Sunday May 12th, 2013

    Dank jullie wel voor alle felicitaties!

    @Jet Ah, super bedankt voor dit lieve compliment! En welkom als nieuwe volger! :)

    @Jiru Dankjewel! Leuk om te horen! XX

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